What is Safe Sport?

“Safe Sport” ensures that environments in which staff interact for the purposes of sport are free of maltreatment, and are supported by and uphold behavior’s defined in the BC Universal Code of Conduct (BC UCC). PacificSport Fraser Valley is committed to upholding SafeSport standards as a requirement of both provincial and federal funding.

PacificSport Fraser Valley’s Commitment to Safe Sport

Sport organizations in British Columbia are committed to creating a sport environment that is accessible, inclusive, respects their participants personal goals and is free from all forms of Maltreatment. As part of PacificSport Fraser Valley’s commitment to Safe Sport, our staff and board have completed Commit to Kids training. 

PacificSport Fraser Valley Policies:

Code of Conduct

Discipline, Complaints and Dispute Resolution

Safe Sport concerns and/or complaints may be made directly to the Executive Director Stephanie Rudnisky. (srudnisky@pacificsport.com | 778-808-5246)

Employee and Volunteer Screening

Harassment and Violence in the Workplace

Responsible Coaching Movement:

What is the Responsible Coaching Movement? This is a movement that ensures all staff:

  • Have appropriate background screening and criminal record checks
  • Uphold the “rule of two”, where athlete interactions with adults are open and observable and involve other staff to be present.
  • Have completed necessary training in ethics, safe sport, and/or the prevention of child abuse.

We have signed the Responsible Coaching Movement Pledge. Have you?

viaSport Flag Tool for Sport:

viaSport’s Flag Tool for Sport is an anonymous tool to help coaches, parents, and administrators to identify and create strategies around addressing behaviors related to safety in sport. If you are unsure of whether a behavior from someone in your sport environment is appropriate or not, you can use this tool to learn more about how to address the behavior and take next steps in resolving the issue at hand. No complaints are filed through this tool. It simply provides next steps to manage difficult situations you witness in sport.

Flag Tool For Sport

How to Report Maltreatment:

Any person who observes or has a suspicion of maltreatment, and/or believes that observed or suspicious behaviours are in violation of the BC UCC should be directed to the Provincial Safe Sport investigatory mechanism as well as addressing Maltreatment with viaSport. Staff and clients are also encouraged to contact the Canadian Sport Helpline 1-888-83SPORT (1-888-837-7678) if they observed, and/or have a suspicion of, maltreatment during their involvement with PacificSport Fraser Valley.

Additional Resources and Training Opportunities:

BC Universal Code of Conduct

Injury Prevention & Concussions

Canadian Sport Helpline

Commit to Kids Training

Respect in Sport Training

Safe Sport Training

Rule of Two Infographic

NCCP Make Ethical Decisions

Government Resources: 

BC Helpline for Children


Resilience BC Anti-Racism Network

Concussion Awareness Resources: 

Concussion Guide for Parents and Caregivers

Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT) for Parents and Caregivers e-learning

NCCP Making Headway in Sport

Anti-Doping and Substance Abuse: 

Canadian Anti-Doping Program

Cannabis in Sport Kit

National Sport Helpline: