Join the PacificSport Development Squad by registering for one of our upcoming athlete development programs. Being part of the development squad will provide athletes with a foundation of athletic skills and allow them greater success in their sport(s) of choice. Developing a skill set of physical attributes and fundamental movements during the early years of training can have long-term benefits and provide the building blocks for future movement development and physical preparation.

Our athlete development programs include components of strength & conditioning, gymnastics, sprint training, and sport performance education. This multi-sport training provides tools and skills that will translate into any sport or physical activity and enhance performance in sport-specific skills. It is through training these foundational skills that will increase performance, decrease injury risk, and help to manage fatigue.

Strength & Conditioning Services

At PacificSport Fraser Valley, we know that one of the factors that limits sport performance is access to strength and conditioning (S&C) services that align with a sport coach’s training plan for their athletes. This is an area where many athletes struggle to find an adequate program for their needs or adequate facilities for their training.