Are you eligible to register with PacificSport/the Canadian Sport Institute?

PacificSport Fraser Valley registers athletes who have been identified in two different ways:

1. By their Provincial Sport Organization (PSO).  The PSO should notify the athletes by letter or email, stating that they have met their sport-specific criteria and are eligible to register with CSI Pacific/PacificSport.

2. By Sport Canada.  If an athlete is receiving Sport Canada Athlete Assistance Program Government Funding (usually this means an athlete is a Canadian National Team Member).

See the below for four registration levels consistent with the athlete performance pathway in BC.

Before receiving your initial Athlete Services card, you must contact our ACS team. To renew an existing card, fill out the Athlete Card Renewal Request.

Sport Specific Requirements

Find out more about each BC Provincial Sport Organization’s eligibility requirements

Athletes Service FAQ

Frequently asked questions about eligibility & registration