Congratulations to our 2021 Athlete & Coach Grant recipients! We are pleased to announce we have been fortunate to award these 7 deserving athletes and 1 deserving coach with grants to assist them on their high-performance sport journey:

Sergey Chernomorchenko – Swimming Athlete
Isabel Taylor – Slalom Kayak Athlete
Stefanie Schoenberger – Bobsleigh Athlete
Claudia Laos-Loo – Karate Athlete
Gabrielle Papushka – Softball Athlete
Cassidy MacPherson – Sprint Kayak Athlete
Ilisha Aulakh – Karate Athlete

Tessa Nagai – Canoe/Kayak Coach

With many applications this year, the decision for our committee was extremely difficult. While we would love to be able to provide every athlete with a grant to support them with their sport-related experiences, it is just not possible. Through a year of uncertainty, postponements, and cancellations, these successful applicants stayed involved with PacificSport and the Canadian Sport Institute, found creative ways to contribute to their sport, and demonstrated a high financial need. We are not only impressed by their achievements in sport, but by their ability to adapt to the on-going pandemic and continue training and giving back to their communities. Even with putting so many hours into their sport – many more training hours than competing this past year – they all still managed to find time to volunteer with their sport organizations and are active role models on their teams and in their communities. Our Coach Grant recipient shares these values, and a commitment to progressing her coaching as well as contributing to her club and athletes’ successes. Even while it seemed our world became stagnant, she did not, which ensured athletes received adequate training and programs were available. It is our absolute pleasure to offer these athletes and coach with some financial assistance and hope to continue supporting all athletes and coaches in any way we can.

Thank you again to everyone who applied for the grants. You will be notified when the next round of grants is available. Here are a list of ways that you can get involved with PacificSport to help improve your application:

  • Attend our (currently virtual) speaker series, workshops, or coaching courses
  • Volunteer with Operation Red Nose
  • Coach at our camps or other sport programs
  • Engage with us on social media through our contests
  • Join our strength & conditioning or athlete development programs
  • Utilize our strength & conditioning services
  • Engage with us by sharing your sport achievements
  • Speak at an event or school
  • Attend our annual fundraiser – The Sweepstakes for Sport

We also encourage athletes and coaches to contact us if there is another way they would like to get involved (i.e. doing a a program or workshop with your team, volunteering with our summer camps, etc.).